Saturday, November 3, 2018

PPF in Europe 2018 - Part Nine: Eating Ham and Drinking Beer in Front of a Pissing Horse

18 October 2018
9:58 p.m.
Prague AirBnB

Good King Wenceslas stands mighty and proud in the square that now bears his name

My favorite memory of Prague on this trip is this: eating Prague ham and drinking Czech beer in Old Town Square, gazing out into the gothic spires of Tynsky Chram, which is illuminated by golden lights. Again, people have given Prague a bad rap for being too tourist-y, but there's just something about this city that will always speak to me.

The spectacular architecture certainly had something to do with it. Maybe it was the great October weather--nippy but not uncomfortably so. And for sure it was the great company--Susan, Mark and Branden chose to have dinner there with me. Maybe it was all of those things, but the beer and ham never tasted better.

It was tourist-y, we know, but the Old Prague ham tasted amazing

A blacksmith demonstrates his skills in front of a souvenir shop

Some guy swiped the hardly eaten potato dish another customer left on top of the trash can. The attendant in the ham stall looked tourist-weary. And the horse in front of the carriage facing us let out a steady, steaming stream of piss. Yet somehow, all of that just added to the uniqueness and reality of the moment. There we were hanging out in one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Things could be a lot worse, but for one evening, I was happy things were just as they were.

Mark gave one street performer the rest of his Czech crowns 

We spent the day shopping at Wenceslas square

This pooch patiently waited while his owner shopped inside a department store

It was starting to get cold by the time I took this picture

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