Tuesday, June 9, 2015

No Need To Explain

A repost from my old blog. Because circumstances sometimes necessitate the use of somebody else's words to express personal emotions

The open road (Somewhere along SCTEX)

 The other night you gave me reasons
Why you felt nothing for me.
We struggled with words and wrestled 
with emotions
As if doing so would illuminate the darkness around us.
So why waste words and frustrating thoughts?

Why repeat what we already know 
and bring up what we don't want to?
I apologize for putting you through all that.
The only thing I want you to know 
is that there's no need to explain.

So there's no need to explain
What it is I have
Or don't have
That keeps me out of your heart.

If I don't have what it takes, there's no point 
in faking it
Because you should only fall for the real me.
If I find out it's something I have that I haven't expressed
Then you should discover it 
without having to demand.

There's no need to explain
Why you fall for these handsome, confident 
and heavenly men.
Why even those who don't last in your affections
Have had more time there than I ever had.

I don't want to be like them nor compare myself to them
They are drawn to you but never fully appreciate 
what they experience
I may be less confident, but it's because I'm nervous 
about screwing up
My once in a lifetime chance to be with the greatest 
person alive.

But I shall keep up and surpass them, as best I can.
Becoming a better man due to pure inspiration 
rather than to complaints
And even if you find someone better than me
If he is the better man it'll be OK 
because you deserve the best.

I see no need to explain
Why you should give me a chance
Why you should feel something for me or why I am worth trusting,
What I'm going to do to make you feel the magic you long for.

I should just
show you that I am worth a chance,
Sweep you off your feet, be trustworthy and never leave
And if I am unable to do so then I should just accept
that it isn't meant to be.

I will just enjoy
Being able to talk to you for hours till our throats
go dry
Blending in harmony and watching shows
Or simply sitting in the dark gazing at you by the
lights of the city

I just enjoy whatever time you give to me.
Whatever fun we have I seal in my heart.
I don't care why you spend any time with me
I just care that you do.

And if ever the day comes
That you finally see that no one else wants the job of
making you happy more than I do,
That you finally feel the magic and that yearning
That you feel that being with me is worth all the risks

Even though I'll be confounded, confused 
and even curious
About this sudden change of heart
Just come to me and let me hold you
And there'll be no need to explain.

-- Jamie Bautista (from the comic book CAST)